Our boots run true-to-size in both our men and women's fit, so you would need to order your regular shoe size. 

A brand new boot should fit comfortably throughout foot but be slightly loose in the heel. In order for the boot to form to your foot and fit correctly, your heel should slip up and down 1/2 to 1 inch. As you begin wearing the boot the heel will soften and conform to your foot. 

Boots should never be tight on the heel. This is a sign a boot is too small and we recommend going up a half size, as there is only 1/4 inch difference between half sizes.

Your toe should never hit the end of the boot but be approximately one thumbnail space back from the end. This allows your foot some space to prevent blisters and discomfort. 


To extend the life of your boots, we recommend lightly cleaning them after each wear to remove dirt and dust. Monthly application of a non-darkening leather conditioner is highly recommended and can help preserve the quality of the leather and prevent drying/cracking, especially with the exotic skins such as caiman or ostrich. 

As with all leather sole boots, they can wear more quickly than a rubber sole boot. We recommend drying off your boot after exposing it to moisture to maintain the sole. If you do notice the sole wearing through, its best to get them repaired as soon as possible. We do not resole boots, but we recommend Risk Shoe Store & Repair or any reputable shoe/boot repair store.