LaGrange Leather Return and Exchange Policy

LaGrange Leather Return and Exchange Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your LaGrange Leather purchase you can return it for a REFUND within seven days of receipt.  

• In order to be eligible for return or exchange, items must not show ANY evidence of wear. We suggest only wearing boots on carpeted surfaces when trying to determine if the boot is the correct fit. Avoid any type of hard flooring and outdoor wear as it may scuff the soles of the boots.

• Shipping and handling charges are non refundable on any returns or exchanges. Credit for your return will appear on your account with 1-2 days depending on your banking institution. 


When returning or exchanging an item please follow these simple instructions:

• Return merchandise in original packaging with a copy of the original receipt you received with your item. 
• Send the package prepaid via UPS, FedEx, or United States Postal Service. 
• Please indicate the reason for return and action to take by completing the form below.

For RETURN, please include the following information:

Name: _________________________________
Order Number: _________________________
Reason for Return: ______________________

For EXCHANGE, please include the following information: 

Name: _________________________________
Address: _______________________________
Phone: _________________________________
Order Number: __________________________
Item Number:____________________________
Description: _____________________________
Size: ___________________________________ 

Return address for US Postal Service:

LaGrange Leather 
PO Box 129
State Road, NC 28676

Please read these important tips before returning a pair of boots due to sizing. The information below will help you determine the proper fit of your boots. 

• The boot should fit comfortably throughout foot but be slightly lose in the heel. In order for the boot to form to your foot and fit correctly, your heel should slip approximately  .5-1 inch up and down. As you begin wearing the boot the heel will soften and conform perfectly to your foot. 
• Boots should NOT be tight on the heel. This is a sign a boot is too small and we recommend going up a half size, as there is only 1/4 inch difference in the half sizes of LaGrange Leather boots.
• Your toe should never hit the end of the boot but be approximately one thumbnail space back from the end. This allows your foot some space to prevent blisters and discomfort. 
• We recommend wearing boot socks with your boots to ensure maximum comfort. Boot socks are designed to reduce slippage and shock and provide a comfortable stay-put, over the calf fit to complement the shafts of your boots. LaGrange Leather boot socks also help to keep your feet cooler in hot temperatures and warmer in cold temperatures and reduce sweating. The cushioned foot also helps prevent foot fatigue. Boot socks available for purchase on our website

Properly caring for and maintaining your LaGrange Leather boots.

• To extend the life of your boots, it's very important to perform maintenance on a regular basis. 
• We recommend cleaning your boots to remove dirt and dust after each wear and applying a high quality non-darkening leather conditioner at least monthly to preserve the quality of your boots. 
• Properly conditioning your boot is EXTREMELY important with exotic skin boots such as caiman or ostrich to prevent the skin from drying out and eventually cracking. 
• As with all leather sole boots, they tend wear more quickly than a rubber sole boot. We recommend drying off your boot after exposing it to moisture to maintain the sole. Also to increase the life of your leather sole boot you can visit a local shoe shop and have them apply a small rubber piece called a "sole saver" to minimize the wear of the leather.